What is VIP Consigning?

  • Standard Consignor makes a 60% commission on their sales. As a VIP Consignor, you would make 35% of your sales. You will be charged a $15.00 VIP Consignor fee (taken out of your Consignor check – you don’t pay it up front).

  • If you want to Consign your nice items, but don't have time for consigning process, our VIP Program is your solution!

  • A VIP Processor will gather, prep, tag, enter, and deliver your items to our upcoming event! You'll still earn a Private Pre-Sale Pass.

  • Your items will be priced at 25-35% of retail.

Benefits of VIP Consigning

Our VIP program is targeted at those who want to clear out the clutter but simply do not have the time to get it all done. As a VIP consignor, you will be matched with a processor who will do all the work on your behalf: prep, enter, tag & deliver your items to the event.

Your processor is going to mark your items to make as much money as possible for you! They are experienced as a consignor and know how to prep and price. VIP consignors earn 35% of their sales.

VIP consignors get a pass to shop during the private Pre-Sale.

No up front costs! VIP consignors pay the standard $15 consignor fee plus an additional $10 for supplies. These fees will be taken out of your commission check at the end of the event.

Watch your sales in real time!

Shop for "free" during the Public sale days when applying your Consignor Credit earned from your sales.

Sign Up Here to become a VIP Consignor

We have a limited number of spots available for VIP consignors. Click here to sign up. https://forms.gle/gCHMyvRb5Db7ixie9

All processes & procedures are outlined on the google form.

Delivering Items to Your Processor

After signing up for the VIP program, a processor will be assigned to you. The processor will contact you to coordinate dropping off your items to them. We suggest using bags or boxes. Please label them clearly with your name. Whatever containers you choose to deliver your items to the VIP processor in will NOT be returned.

All clothing should be freshly washed, ironed & free of pet hair. If you have outfits, please fold them together so your processor will know what goes together. Your kokua is appreciated to sort bags by gender & size. All items that require batteries to work must have working batteries & all parts.

Getting Your Pre-Sale Shopping Pass

Passes can be delivered by mail, hand delivered by the processor or you can pick them up at the Pre-Sale event.

Getting Your Check

Checks will be emailed to you the day following the close of our sale. You will have the option of doing a direct deposit for a small fee, or print the check from your home & mobile deposit it to your bank! Please ensure your email address on file is one that is checked regularly.

Unsold Items

Consignors have the option to pickup unsold merchandise at the end of the event or to donate it. ALL donations directly benefit local foster families & charities within our community.

If picking up, YOU must pick up the unsold items from the store immediately following the event during the scheduled Consignor Pick Up times. The VIP Processor will NOT be responsible for returning unsold items. All items not picked up during the designated pick-up times will promptly be donated at the end of the day.

VIP Consignor Item Limits

VIP consignors are limited 300 items. If you have outfits, please fold them together so your processor will know what goes together. Infant clothing (0-9mo) is limited to 30 items. Junior clothing is limited to 20 items. Maternity clothing must be current and is limited to 20 items. Please carefully check your items and only bring your BEST!

Earn More as a VIP Consignor

VIP consignors earn 35% of their sales. If you drop off your clothing items to your processor already hung on plastic hangers (sorry, we cannot accept metal hangers) you will earn an additional 5% of your sales.

Acceptable Items

We love baby gear, indoor & outdoor toys, books, maternity items, movies, etc! All clothing must be less than 2-3 years old, freshly washed, clean & free of pet hair any odor. If items have been in long term storage, please go through them and make sure they are current and clean. No stains, holes or excessive wear. If you have outfits, please fold them together so your VIP Processor will know what goes together.

Junior clothing should be teen brands/styles. Please do not send adult clothing or brands, processors will not be able to enter them.

Any items that require batteries to work must have working batteries and items must have all parts.

PLEASE UNDERSTAND: If you provide items that do not meet the Rhea Lana's standards (clothing with stains, holes excessive wear, dirty shoes, out-of-season items, items that do not work, or items we do not accept) your VIP processor will immediately donate them and they will NOT be returned to you. No exceptions! Processors simply do not have the storage space or the capacity to return things to you.

We Cannot Accept the Following Items

Recalled items
Any items that are stained, torn or overly worn
Items with missing buttons, broken zippers or lost parts
Any battery-operated toys, swings, bouncers, etc. that do not function.
Stuffed animals (unless they are specific character like Disney, Squishmallow, Build-a-Bear or Learning Puppy)
Bags of loose toys unless theme oriented (i.e. bags of all army toys, Barbie toys, all cars & trucks, etc.)
VHS Tapes
Used underwear
Car seats
Breast pumps
Used bottle nipples/used pacifiers
Adult clothing or bedding

We CANNOT accept the following clothing brands in the VIP program: Faded Glory Child of Mine No Boundaries Garanimals Athletic Works Bobbie Brooks Jordache Danskin and 1. You are welcome to enter/prep & drop off these brands as a regular consignor on a separate consignor ID #.