What is a Rhea Lana's children's consignment event?

Rhea Lana's is an upscale semi-annual children's consignment sale. We hold sales twice a year, once in the spring and again in the fall. Families in the community are invited to consign their gently used children's items into the event. Shoppers love loading up at our one-stop-shopping extravaganzas as they can find everything they need for their child under one roof! You can expect to find items priced at 25-35 of retail.

What is "Pre-Sale?"

Our Private Pre-Sale is the time when our ticket purchasers, consignors, mom-to-be, military, and Facebook friends have the privilege to shop before the public. To purchase an Eventbrite Pre-Sale ticket, Click Here. Want to shop as a Facebook friend? Join our Facebook page and snag your pass to shop early! One will be posted the week of the sale!

Can I bring my child with me?

We love your keiki! If purchasing a ticket for pre-sale, please leave them with your family or a friend during your shopping time, if possible. Pre-Sale will be very busy and it may be difficult for you to keep your child right beside you. (This will make it a more fun shopping experience for you as well!) Just bring a tape measure and their measurements and enjoy a mom's night out! During regular shopping days please feel free to bring your keiki!

How do I carry my items while shopping?

We will have limited shopping carts available for your convenience. Please feel free to bring re-usable shopping bags.