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See you next June!


Our 2013 Rhea Lana year has come to a close.  

Thank you to all who have helped to make it a successful one.  

We hope to see you next June!

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Experience the
Rhea Lana's Difference

We want great consignors - LIKE Y
In addition to friendly and helpful workers, here are a few of the differences you will notice as you participate with Rhea Lana's:

Admission at Rhea Lana's is always FREE. There is no charge to get into our event. Invite all your friends!

Consignors make 65% of prices YOU set!  You decide how much you want to sell your items for AND you get to keep at LEAST 65% of the selling price of every item sold!  There are ways to earn up to 75% - check out our volunteering page! 

Your items are GUARANTEE
D! We pay for lost items. If your items are tagged in the store and go thru our normal check in procedure we will guarantee them. After the sale they will either be returned to you or we will pay you as if they were sold. This lets you bring your best items to Rhea Lana's without fear of losing them in an unorganized sale.

Daily Updates! Watch your sales climb on your smart phone.
We upload all of the day's sales by midnight so that you can see which items sold and how much money you are making each day!  

Consignor Checks are available at PickUp! You receive your check the same day you pick up any leftover items. It is quick and easy. You get your funds fast just in time for some summer fun!

Feel free to email me if you questions about consigning, volunteering or SHOPPING! Thank you again and we'll see you SOON!! 

With warm aloha,

~ Deanne
(808) 284-2231

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