Gift Section

For this Holiday Event, we are accepting new, unwrapped items (not just children's items) and will have a section for GIFTS!


If you have great children's items that you would like to consign but do not have time to prepare and enter them, our VIP Consignor program is perfect for you! With this concierge service, we do the work for you, and you receive 40% of your total sales. Space is limited and the slots fill up quickly. Please contact us at for more information or to schedule an appointment.


Consignors, would you like to shop 30 minutes before the other consignors?? It's easy! Just allow all of your items to go 1/2 Price AND mark them to be DONATED and you will shop even earlier!!! It's that easy!

Prefer to put your Labels on at HOME?

In order to serve you better, we've modified our drop off procedures to make things quicker and easier. Choose the one that works for you.

OPTION #1 TRADITIONAL DROP OFF - You want your items guaranteed and attach your labels in the store. Let us print your labels and have them for you when you get to the store. You will label your items at the store on one of the Drop Off Days. (This is most popular.) Please allow one hour per 100-150 items.

OPTION #2 LABEL YOUR ITEMS AT HOME AND HAVE THEM GUARANTEED! We can print your labels or you may print them at home (requires a color printer and please follow the directions carefully that appear after you enter your items.)

1. Attach your labels at home.

2. Bring your items to the store IN ORDER.

3. We inspect your items IN ORDER. Items that are not in order will waive the guarantee.

4. After a short inspection, YOU PUT YOUR ITEMS ON THE FLOOR.

Continuing This Sale

Our commitment to QUALITY and our company VALUES

Our company values are emphasized in all we do... Honesty, integrity and a love for people are some that you will get to experience when you shop or consign with us!

We love Moms-to-Be! Please be a special guest at our event!

If you or a friend is a mom-to-be, click on the Moms-to-Be link to sign up for a Special Guest Pass. As our gift to you, we will give you a pass to shop before the public at our Pre-Sale. Just register and supply us with your baby's due date.

Super Moms!

Do you want to shop before everyone else? Super Moms will shop BEFORE everyone else. Just sign up to volunteer 3 shifts and you will receive the Super Mom perks!

Bring your own bags!

Due to Hawaii laws, we will not be able to offer bags. We will be offering large totes for you to shop with. We will also be offering 2 sizes of reusable Rhea Lana's shopping bags for purchase. You are welcome to bring your own reusable bags!

LIVE Updates with the Rhea Lana's App

During the sale our website will be LIVE and consignors can check their sales throughout the day! At the moment an item sells it will show up as 'sold'. So download the App today!


Rhea Lana's is now offering item entry through your smart phone either by hand or using the VOICE RECOGNITION feature. The new item entry page can by accessed by Rhea Lana's consignors through our website. Log in on your smart phone to start adding items and tap the "click for voice entry" button on your phone. We are thrilled with this REVOLUTIONARY feature. We know moms are busy and we appreciate your time and energy.... we hope you love this feature as well!!